Ready When You Are, CB!*

For those who haven’t heard, the city of Leicester is back in lockdown after having experienced a spike in Coronavirus cases. The city currently has three times the number of cases as the next highest city and 10% of all cases in Britain, with only about a half a percent of the British population. Non-essential […]

When Are the Grown-Ups Getting Here?

Most people have seen the pictures. The beach at Bournemouth looking like Times Square on New Year’s Eve: The car parks were full by 10am. 558 parking fines were issued. Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole Council declared it a “major incident.” Police in some cases issued “dispersal notices.” Yet people stayed. There was a 3-hour backup […]

Guns, Cigarettes, and Masks

I’ve said before that there’s a difference in the level of resistance to sensible pandemic restrictions in the UK and the US. It’s more difficult to justify that opinion after seeing some of the British crowds queueing up at Primark and other stores on their first day of reopening. Here’s the queue for the Nike […]

Face Masks and Rules

I started out relying mostly on the UK for information for the practical reason that the ONS was doing a much better job providing useful statistics than any equivalent organization in the US. Since then, I’ve found the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, which is a fantastic resource, despite certain states lagging in providing data—or […]

Let’s Hear It for Masks!

I have again run into the issue of the news running at a faster speed than I am writing. I crunched numbers related to the schools’ reopening in the UK, or at least England, yesterday, and woke up to the news that the government has delayed until September the complete reopening of schools, amid concerns […]

Let’s Talk about Florida

In the past few days, events have overwhelmed me, and have made this particular post both more important and harder to write. A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent me a long, glowing National Review article on Governor Ron DeSantis’s Coronavirus strategy in Florida. For those who don’t know, the National Review is a […]

The Rules of Lockdown for Dummies

Last week, the UK government announced that it was starting a Track and Trace system, albeit without the app that was earlier seen as integral to the system. This system relies largely on people’s sense of civic duty, since the idea is that someone has COVID, everyone that person has been in contact with is […]