How Do We Get out of This?

A friend of mine sent me this thought-provoking essay, written by pediatrician and child psychiatrist (and mother) Elizabeth Pinsky, from the current issue of the Atlantic, the main point of which is that the author’s town, Somerville, Massachusetts, has done all the right things and controlled the virus to the point where it’s safe to […]

Let’s get political

Wait a second—hasn’t most of this blog been political? Well, yes, in that it criticizes the government and advocates courses of action. But I have tried not to make it purely partisan. I’ve looked at the statistics and sometimes changed my initial position because of those statistics. In my post yesterday, for example, I looked […]

Oh my!

My response to Donald Trump’s Axios interview If you have not yet viewed the interview Donald Trump gave to Axios journalist Jonathan Swan, here it is in full: If you prefer, you can read the transcript here, although you won’t get the full flavor without watching the video. I won’t respond to every assertion made […]