Some More South Dakota Numbers – and a Success Story

After I published yesterday’s post, my husband sent me this story by the BBC about the state and about one particular city in that state that bucked the trend. Brookings, the fourth largest city in the state, mandated masks inside businesses and on public transportation starting in September. The city also launched one of the […]


We Are Number One!

I woke up to the news on the BBC that the United States has scored another first. Yesterday, the US reported over 3,000 deaths for the day: According to Johns Hopkins’s COVID site, the number was 3,124, surpassing the toll from 9/11. The difference, of course, is that tomorrow will see roughly the same mortality […]

What Did You Expect?

As I write this, still more people in and around the Trump administration are jumping ship, finally acknowledging that there is no proof of corruption or fraud in the presidential election. Bill Barr is the latest, stating publicly that the US Department of Justice found no evidence of widespread fraud (although his actual words hedge […]