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A More Philosophical Approach

I started thinking about this when it was announced shortly after Captain Sir Tom’s death that he’d been on holiday to Barbados in December. For anyone who doesn’t know Captain Tom, he’s the centenarian who raised over £32 million for the NHS. by walking 100 laps of his garden by his one hundredth. He inspired […]


Playing “telephone” on Facebook

If you are from New Jersey, or have Facebook friends from New Jersey, you’ve probably seen a post that begins “For those who live in New Jersey and those who visit ….” The very long post goes on to detail a number of “facts” about New Jersey, over half of which are suspect. It occurred […]

Manipulating the Facts

A friend recently introduced me to the newsletters of Tom Woods, a libertarian author with an impressive pedigree (A.B. from Harvard, Ph.D. from Columbia). This is his latest newsletter. You kind of know what the slant of an essay with the title “Pretend this COVID chart doesn’t exist, or get canceled” is going to be, […]