When they go low…?

I’d already planned my last post when I woke up to this video of Nancy Pelosi’s response to the Capitol Hill riot, sent to me by a friend: Now I was horrified by the scenes at the Capitol, and I think it’s obvious that the President, and his consiglieri Rudy Giuliani, caused it. I don’t […]

All the News that’s Fit to Print?

In the days since the January 6 attempted takeover at the Capitol Building, I’ve been seeing the news media, even Fox News, mostly condemn what happened and condemn the President’s (and Rudy Giuiliani’s) obvious instigation of it. I wrote a post talking about it and the rise of conspiracy theorists who believe they are poised […]

Insurrection and Unease

I am scared. If you haven’t been on the email list, and I assume most of you aren’t, something big’s about to happen, according to those in the know. Sometime between now and the inauguration (at least I think I got the timeframe right), President Trump will be notifying people over the Emergency Broadcasting System, […]

What Did You Expect?

As I write this, still more people in and around the Trump administration are jumping ship, finally acknowledging that there is no proof of corruption or fraud in the presidential election. Bill Barr is the latest, stating publicly that the US Department of Justice found no evidence of widespread fraud (although his actual words hedge […]

The Twelfth Amendment? Really?

If you live in the US, you may have already heard that there is buzz going around that Donald Trump will stay in office by way of the Twelfth Amendment. I had not seen this discussion until yesterday, when a friend, whose politics I did not know and whom I never considered a Constitutional law […]

Yes, She Did

A Trump-supporting friend of mine who lives in Tempe, Arizona keeps sending me claims I can’t find anywhere else. The latest are mostly about Pennsylvania, my home state. Here is one text: The 100,000 votes, all for Biden, was a claim he’d made previously. I am willing to believe that here in London, I might […]


A grade-school friend posted in Facebook concern about the anticipated post-election unrest in some US cities. Business owners in several of the cities that saw Black Lives Matter protests are boarding up their windows to avoid damage should rioting break out. Regardless of who wins the election, I assume. Another friend, a fellow ex-pat, for […]

Dueling Documentaries

It is the eve of the US election and I assume most people who are voting have already decided for whom they are casting their votes. And right up until the eleventh hour, we’re still seeing stories of people using dirty tricks. In the battleground state of Texas, a convoy of Trump supporters surrounded a […]

Sharing the Blame

I sent a conservative friend the link to an October 25 New York Times article about Donald Trump and the Hunter Biden story. Since the Wall Street Journal is one of the few “MSM” (mainstream media) publications conservatives trust, and since the sources at the Journal are quoted by name, I thought she might find […]