It’s Time to Concede – for the Good of the Country

A friend sent me this article detailing Trump attorney Sidney Powell’s claims of vote manipulation in the presidential election. She told me Powell is being censored in the US, but I found a lot of articles, like  this one that go through Powell’s charges fairly thoroughly, but say they have no basis in fact. I […]


The Twelfth Amendment? Really?

If you live in the US, you may have already heard that there is buzz going around that Donald Trump will stay in office by way of the Twelfth Amendment. I had not seen this discussion until yesterday, when a friend, whose politics I did not know and whom I never considered a Constitutional law […]

Yes, She Did

A Trump-supporting friend of mine who lives in Tempe, Arizona keeps sending me claims I can’t find anywhere else. The latest are mostly about Pennsylvania, my home state. Here is one text: The 100,000 votes, all for Biden, was a claim he’d made previously. I am willing to believe that here in London, I might […]

Understanding the Risks

A Facebook friend posted this article from the blog “Elemental,” with the comment that it convinced him to give up his weekly tennis game because he “finally could not ignore” his glasses steaming up when he put a mask on. Now my friend is probably wise to have been taking extra precautions all along; he […]

A Short, Sharp Break?

You’ve probably heard by now that England (not the UK, because Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have instituted different measures) has entered a second countrywide lockdown as of today, Thursday, November 5. Bonfire night, for some unknown reason. It is due to end, or be revisted, on December 2. Although Boris Johnson says he is […]


A grade-school friend posted in Facebook concern about the anticipated post-election unrest in some US cities. Business owners in several of the cities that saw Black Lives Matter protests are boarding up their windows to avoid damage should rioting break out. Regardless of who wins the election, I assume. Another friend, a fellow ex-pat, for […]

Dueling Documentaries

It is the eve of the US election and I assume most people who are voting have already decided for whom they are casting their votes. And right up until the eleventh hour, we’re still seeing stories of people using dirty tricks. In the battleground state of Texas, a convoy of Trump supporters surrounded a […]

Sharing the Blame

I sent a conservative friend the link to an October 25 New York Times article about Donald Trump and the Hunter Biden story. Since the Wall Street Journal is one of the few “MSM” (mainstream media) publications conservatives trust, and since the sources at the Journal are quoted by name, I thought she might find […]

Pandemic Politics

Donald Trump’s diagnosis, treatment, and reaction to COVID are perfect examples of why the United States, despite its vast resources and cutting-edge treatments, has not seemed to be able to handle the pandemic. First, there were the continuing rallies, with scenes like this one out of Tulsa, with no social distancing and very few masks […]