A More Philosophical Approach

I started thinking about this when it was announced shortly after Captain Sir Tom’s death that he’d been on holiday to Barbados in December. For anyone who doesn’t know Captain Tom, he’s the centenarian who raised over £32 million for the NHS. by walking 100 laps of his garden by his one hundredth. He inspired […]

Make up Your Mind

This week was the first time I’d seen a new bit of misinformation being bandied about. Evidently, some COVID deniers are now misusing data from a study conducted with data from Wuhan to support their claim that asymptomatic transmission of the virus is impossible. What makes this particularly odd is that these are the same […]

A Short, Sharp Break?

You’ve probably heard by now that England (not the UK, because Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have instituted different measures) has entered a second countrywide lockdown as of today, Thursday, November 5. Bonfire night, for some unknown reason. It is due to end, or be revisted, on December 2. Although Boris Johnson says he is […]

Living Under the Rule of Six

Last Monday, as a result of Coronavirus case increases across the UK, new rules went into effect that are both simpler and stricter than the rules they replace. They are also different in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. If this difference were due to differing COVID numbers, this might make sense, but it’s due […]

Ready When You Are, CB!*

For those who haven’t heard, the city of Leicester is back in lockdown after having experienced a spike in Coronavirus cases. The city currently has three times the number of cases as the next highest city and 10% of all cases in Britain, with only about a half a percent of the British population. Non-essential […]

Let’s Hear It for Masks!

I have again run into the issue of the news running at a faster speed than I am writing. I crunched numbers related to the schools’ reopening in the UK, or at least England, yesterday, and woke up to the news that the government has delayed until September the complete reopening of schools, amid concerns […]