Manipulating the Facts

A friend recently introduced me to the newsletters of Tom Woods, a libertarian author with an impressive pedigree (A.B. from Harvard, Ph.D. from Columbia). This is his latest newsletter. You kind of know what the slant of an essay with the title “Pretend this COVID chart doesn’t exist, or get canceled” is going to be, […]

We Are Number One!

I woke up to the news on the BBC that the United States has scored another first. Yesterday, the US reported over 3,000 deaths for the day: According to Johns Hopkins’s COVID site, the number was 3,124, surpassing the toll from 9/11. The difference, of course, is that tomorrow will see roughly the same mortality […]

Understanding the Risks

A Facebook friend posted this article from the blog “Elemental,” with the comment that it convinced him to give up his weekly tennis game because he “finally could not ignore” his glasses steaming up when he put a mask on. Now my friend is probably wise to have been taking extra precautions all along; he […]

Misrule Britannia

I’d already been planning to write about the state of things in the United Kingdom yesterday and then I woke up to the news that the UK government had closed the air bridge with Spain after Spanish COVID cases started to increase. This means that anyone who travels to Spain, including the Balearic and Canary […]

Face Masks and Rules

I started out relying mostly on the UK for information for the practical reason that the ONS was doing a much better job providing useful statistics than any equivalent organization in the US. Since then, I’ve found the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, which is a fantastic resource, despite certain states lagging in providing data—or […]

Let’s Hear It for Masks!

I have again run into the issue of the news running at a faster speed than I am writing. I crunched numbers related to the schools’ reopening in the UK, or at least England, yesterday, and woke up to the news that the government has delayed until September the complete reopening of schools, amid concerns […]